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EVEREN CPE can be divided into EVEREN RESIN (resin) and EVEREN CM (synthetic rubber). EVEREN RESIN is mainly used in plastics and EVEREN CM is mainly used in rubbers. Based on detailed technical standards, the 2 domains can be further divided into various grades.

EVEREN RESIN is one of the most important impact modifiers for the universal plastics market. Compared with other impact modifiers like AIM (Acrylic Impact Modifier), MBS and ABS, CPE is more competitive in its comprehensive performances and price. Currently CPE is favored by more and more customers and it is expanding to bigger share of the impact modifier market.

Proper amount of EVEREN CPE RESIN added into formulations of PVC, PE or PP plastic products will not only greatly enhance impact resistance but will largely improve low temperature performances, weatherability, welding strength and other performances. EVEREN RESIN is most suitable for substitution of Acrylic impact modifier or blending with Acrylic impact modifier with a certain percentage without adjusting the processing data and the formulation, resulting in an optimum performance /cost solution.

Properties of EVEREN CPE RESIN:

◆Superior flexibility and impact resistance
◆Superior filling capacity
◆Good low temperature performance and weatherability
◆Superior flame retardancy
◆Superior compatibility with polymers such as PVC, PE and ABS
◆Superior chemicals resistance
◆Superior dispersibility and processibility

Application of EVEREN RESIN

1. Impact modifier for rigid and semi-flexible products
EVEREN RESIN is a type of superior high performance-price ratio impact modifier and is widely used in production of many types of rigid plastic products (like rigid plastic profiles, pipes, pipe fittings and sheets) and semi-flexible sidings. EVEREN RESIN improves greatly the impact resistance, low temperature performances, weatherability, and welding strength of the final products.

PVC Sheet                                      PVC Sewer Pipe                                PVC Fence

PVC  Threading Pipes                       PVC Foam Board                                   PVC Bellows

PVC Profiles                        PVC Window Profiles                           PVC Siding

2. Application in soft products
As a good elastomer, EVEREN RESIN can be used directly for soft products. As no plasticizers are needed for soft product formulation using EVEREN RESIN, the soft products produced have superior weatherability and long service life. This successfully avoids the defects in the traditional PVC soft products, which is caused by migrating of plasticizers added in the PVC soft product formulatio.

PVC Waterproof Membrane