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1. Product Introduction

E501 is one macro-polymer with special structure. It is used for transparent sheets and film processing.

2. Physical and Chemical Properties

E501 is white flowing powder with the apparent density of 0.33-0.55g/cm3.It is

insoluble in water, ethanol, and soluble in chloroform, butanone, etc.

3. Quality Index



Granularity (40mesh)%

Feature of viscosity(h) 

Volatility (%)

4. Application features:


White flowing powder




Excellent transparency and surface quality for the end product

Improve the plasticity of soft and hard PVC

Reduce the Water ripple and gas mark

High output and better flowability

5. Application fields

E501 is one general type of processing aids. It is used specially for transparent

sheets and films processing. It can take place of Japan Kaneka PA-20, American Rohm and Haas K-120P, K-130P.

6. Storage, Packaging and Delivery

The product is sealed in a 25kg triad-layer craft bag.

Outside of the bags is trade mark, product type, net weight, caution, company

information, etc.

Our product is a kind of non-toxic and non-corrosive solid powder. It is sealed and delivered as a non-dangerous product. It should prevent from exposure and rain and

be stored in cool and draughty place for one year. After the guarantee period, if the

function has not changed, it still can be used.