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EVEREN CPVC resin made by polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin chlorinated modified system. Appearance is white or light yellow, tasteless, non-toxic loose grain or powder. It has become an important engineering thermoplastic due to its relatively low cost, high heat distortion temperature, chemical resistance and outstanding mechanical, dielectric, flame and smoke properties. CPVC was first commercialized by Noveon in the early 1960s and has since proven its value in a variety of industrial applications in which a high use temperature and excellent resistance to chemical are desirable. Besides pipe and fittings, many other industrial fluid-handling product are available in CPVC including pumps, valves , strainers, tower packing, and duct, as well as sheet for fabrication into tanks ,duct, and tank lining.

Classification: CPVC resin divided into Extrusion grade and injection grade according to the K-value of PVC and chlorine content.
Properties of CPVC        

1.  Widely used range---Vicat Softening Point than PVC increases by 40℃, one of polymer can be used in high temperature and high pressure for long time

2.  Mechanics performance---tensile strength than PVC increases by 50%Than ABS resin, PP resin increases by 1 timesEspecially close to 100 ℃, CPVC can still maintain a strong rigidity, fully meet at this temperature to the requirements of the equipment and pipeline.     
3.  Chemical corrosion resistance----CPVC not only chemical corrosion resistance in room temperature, but also has good acid and alkali resistance at higher temperature, far better than PVC and other resin, can replace the traditional material to handle corrosive substance.
4.  Good fire-resistance----CPVC with good self-extinguishing feature, the limiting oxygen index is 60, no flam drip, limit flame spread and smoke’s generation.

5.  Low coefficient of heat conductivity---the heat conductivity of CPVC is 0.105KW/(mk), the CPVC heat-resisting pipes with less heat loss and the heat insulating layer is unnecessary .

6The CPVC will not be affected by the chlorine left in water--Polyolefin material( such as PP/PE) will decompose when they meet the chlorine left in the water, will not have crack or drip.

7. The bacteria will not easy to breed---because the CPVC pipe will not be affected by the chlorine left in water, and it's inside is very smooth, the bacteria is not easy to breed, it not only can resist the bacteria's erode, but also can resist the common sterilization chemicals.     

8. It is same with PVC when processing-----the processing way of CPVC finished products is same with PVC product, it’s very easy and convenient.

1. Chemical with heat resistance, corrosion resistant pipelines, fittings, valves, plate, sheet, etc   CPVC excellent heat resistance and resistance to chemical corrosion, makes it under the condition of 95 ℃ for a long time to bear the corrosion of strong acid, strong alkali and saline, and can meet the requirements of chemical equipment, mechanical strength, was made into a variety of pipe, fitting, valve and plate applied in the field of chemical industry.




2.  Hot water supply and drainage pipeline
CPVC heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and is not affected by the influence of residual chlorine in water, thus being made into pipe & fitting, used in industrial, mining, construction industry, Its easy installation and can be used by far the most reliable flaring socket flexible seal ring connection, It's unable to realize for PP-R, PE-X and aluminum-plastic composite pipe.

3.  Fire material.
Good flame retardant and smoke elimination of CPVC, the first choice for the strict fire requirement of plastic product, including electronic products packaging, architecture decoration, transportation, etc.



4.  cable protection pipe
Made of CPVC cable protection pipe with excellent heat resistance, insulation and easy installation. CPVC buried power tube has been widely used in foreign developed countries, our country is also used in some large and medium cities power grid renovation the CPVC buried power tube.



5.  Oil field crude oil gathering and transferring tubing
CPVC pipe material coefficient of thermal conductivity about 1/200 of the steel pipe, it’s good for oil in the process of gathering and transferring heat preservation performance, can save a lot of energy, and CPVC pipe friction coefficient is small, in the same conditions the traffic for at least 1.25 times that of steel and light weight, installation fast and convenient. Its excellent chemical stability and temperature resistance coupled with plastic tube inherent resistance to wear, making it shows obvious advantage in the crude oil gathering and transferring, and the service life of at least eight times for steel pipe, can meet the low, medium and high pressure under the condition of crude oil gathering and transferring.
6.  As modifier for plastics, used for thermoplastic plastic, to improve its properties, such as heat resistance, flame retardant.
7.  Foaming material: used as hot water pipe, steam pipe heat preservation material
8.  CPVC/PVC alloys: by injection, extrusion, rolling and pressing, making into molding piece, trays, electric appliance parts and shell, commercial machine casing, tubing, communication equipment, auto parts, etc
9.  Other areas. Used as synthetic fiber Submarine cable line, and used in car, CD, audio and video products after production process