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1.  Description of products

MBS-73 has better weather resistance and impact strength under normal and low temperature, which can realize high impact strength. What’s more, MBS-73 can improve the processing plasticity in the PVC processing.

2. Physical property

It is white amorphous powder with excellent chemical stability and thermo-plasticity.MBS-73 resin is insoluble in water,  and alcohol, but it will swell in acetone and chloroform.

3. Technical data sheet

Item       Index

Appearance   White solid powder

Granularity         ≥98

Apparent Density(g/cm3)   0.20-0.40

Percent Volatiles(%)    ≤1.0


4. Products’advantages

High impact strength.

Excellent impact strenght at low and ambient temperature

Good transparency

Low dust

5. Application

Transparent sheets

Ransparent plates

High impact transparent sheet

High impact transparent containers

Suction plastics

6. Corresponding model

Japan Kaneka B620

America Rome &Hass BTA-730

and Korea LGMB-880 series

7. StoragePacking and Delivery

It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive solid powder, which belongs to non-dangerous kind and delivered as non-dangerous products. It should be stored in cool and draughty place and should prevent from exposure and rain.

The product is sealed in a 20kg triad-layer craft bag.

Outside packing marks with: trade mark, product type, net weight, caution,company information, etc.