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Introduction and Selection Guide


EVEREN HCPE resin is one kind of high-molecular polymer after PE’s Depth chlorination. It is white powder and no-toxic, no odor.

Characteristic of HCPE:

1. With good chemical stability, chemical resistance, and it's corrosion resistance is higher than Vinylidene Chloride.chlorosulfonated polyethylene 1 or 2 times.        
2. Excellent resistance to aging and weather resistance.    
3. Good adhension     
4. It's flame retardant property is very good and gas defense , mould proof.     
5. With good electrical isolation, compatibility and Free coloration.

Properties and Applications:






Low molecular weight, low viscosity, big bond strength

Used for self-adhesion of all kinds of PVC pipefittingssheets


high molecular weight, high viscosity, relatively small bond strength

Used for self-adhesion of all kinds of PVC pipefittingssheets


moderate molecular weight, high viscosity

Used for anticorrosive paintreplacing CSM coatingfor example Road marking paint, coatings, architectural coatings, fire retardant coatings and so on


low molecular weight, low viscosity

Used for heavy anticorrosive coatingreplacing CR coatingfor example Marine coatings, container coatings, Marine coatings, etc



This product adopts polyethylene bags for internal use and polypropylene bags for external use with net weight of 20 ± 0.1 kg per bag.

Storage and Transportation

This product should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, stacking height should not be more than 10 bags to prevent sunlight and moisture. Transport must have shelter and be clean to prevent sun, rain and heat. This product is non-dangerous goods