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1.Description of products

MBS-917 has excellent thermo-plasticity. What’s more, it combines both

transparency and impact properties, which can improve the quality of our products.

2.Physical property

It is white amorphous powder with excellent chemical stability and

thermo-plasticity. MBS-917 resin is insoluble in water, and alcohol, but it will

swell in acetone and chloroform.

3. Technical data sheet

Item       Index

Appearance   White solid powder

Granularity         ≥98

Apparent Density(g/cm3)   0.20-0.40

Percent Volatiles(%)    ≤1.0

4. Products’advantages

Excellent transparency

Improve processing plasticity

Low dust pollution and low odour

5. Application

Low impact plates

Midsize clamshell packing, such as: the top of cake-box

Transparent sheets

6. Corresponding model

Japan Kaneka B626,B22

America Rome & Hass BTA-717

Korea LGMB-870 series

7. StoragePacking and Delivery

It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive solid powder, which belongs to non-dangerous kind and delivered as non-dangerous products. It should  be stored in cool and draughty place and should prevent from exposure and rain.

Packing: The product is sealed in a 20kg triad-layer craft bag.

Outside packing marks with: trade  mark, product type, net weight, caution, company

information, etc.