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Ø Chemical Name: MBS impact modifier (MBS-601)

Ø Product Description

MBS-601 has excellent impact strength and good thermoplasticity. It is the main non-transparent products

developed by our own company.

Ø Properties

Chemical Composition methyl methacrylate / butadiene / styrene

Physical Form white solid powder

Granularity(20 mesh)% 98%min

Apparent Density(g/cm3) Enterprise Standard :0.30-0.40 Typical value: 0.33-0.38

Volatiles (%) 1.0%max

Solubility Stable in water, gasoline / swell in chloroform / slightly soluble in alcohol


Ø Advantages of product

A. Excellent impact resistance

B. good weather resistance

C. low odor

D. low dust pollution

Ø Application

M-601 is mainly used in manufacturing semi-transparent and non-transparent rigid sheets,magnetic card,

non-outdoor pipes&fittings and profiled bars,injection molding product and so on

Ø Counter type

It is similar to LG- 838A , Japan Kaneka B58, Rohm & Haas BTA-750.

Ø Safe Handling

It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive solid powder, which is classfied into non-dangerous commodity . It should be

stored in cool and draughty place.

Prevent from exposure and rain.

Ø Package

Packing: The product is sealed in a 20kg triad-layer craft bag. Outside packing marks with: trade mark, product

type, net weight, caution, company information, etc.