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Brief Introduction

Impact modifier MBS  resin is graft  terpolymers of  methyl methacrylate (M),  butadiene (B)and  styrene(S).  It  has  the  dual  effects  of  enhancing  anti-impact  and  promoting  processingperformance.

2. Physicochemical properties

White amorphous powder with excellent chemical stability and thermoplasticity.

3. Chemical properties

MBS resin is stable in water, gasoline, alcohol, etc., but it will swell in chloroform and  slightly soluble in alcohol and acetone.

4. Product characteristic

Excellent sheets impact strength

Enhance plasticity

High transparency

Good  thermo-plasticity

High bent whitening performance

Low smell and odour

Low dust pollution and excellent powder flowability

5.FDA compliance

Compliance with FDA and European food and packaging regulatons

6.Safe handling

Please consult the MSDS before handling for additional information  concerning personal protective equipment,Safety,Health and  Environmental information,and always exercise the utmost care in hangling.