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EVEREN CM is a heat, weathering and oil resistant elastomer that has used in many wire/cable, hose, automotive and industrial parts for many years. Its unique combination of heat and oil resistance makes it an ideal choice for many under the hood applications. It is also gaining increasing use in many industrial hoses, replacing some well-established materials such as CR due to concerns over high cost and availability. Since CM provides superior heat aging and excellent ozone resistance, it is increasingly used to replace some traditional materials to upgrade the end products performance.

By using HPDE of different molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, adjusting the production process, many types of EVEREN CM elastomers can be produced by EVERUN, now 6 types are commercially available in the market in large scale, which have different chlorine contents and Mooney viscosities, applicable for different fields and different processing conditions.

Properties of EVEREN CM:

◆Superior mechanical performances
◆Good low temperature performances
◆Superior heat aging performances, weatherability and chemicals resistance
◆Superior flex-resistance
◆Good flame retardancy and machine oil resistance
◆Long storage time
◆Ideal cost effectiveness

Application of EVEREN CM

1. Automobile Hoses and Industrial Hoses.
As EVEREN CM has outstanding temperature resistance, oil resistance, chemicals resistance, ozone resistance and weatherability, EVEREN CM has become good materials for automobile industry, including applications in oil tubes, delivery tubes for cooling fluid, power steering tubes and outer layers of many other rubber hoses. EVEREN CPE CM is also used for automobile vacuum tubes and vent tubes. Hoses for oil delivery and chemical delivery in industries are another quickly increasing market.

2. Wires and Cables.
EVEREN CM is widely used in fields of wires and cables, including isolation layers of various types of oil resistant parallel flexible wires, sheath for flexible wires or flexible cables for electrical appliances (like electric heater, cooking utensils, air conditioners and refrigerators), sheath for various types of light, middle-weight and heavy cables, sheath for mining cables, marine cables and locomotive cables, isolation layer or sheath for various types of power cables, instrument cables and control cables. Due to EVEREN CM’s superior performance-price ratio and its vulcanized compound’s long time storage at room temperature, it has become the first choice for customers for substitution of CR.

3. Various Types of Specialized Rubber Products.
Due to EVEREN CM’s superior heat resistance, oil resistance, chemicals resistance and aging resistance, it can be used for production of special rubber products like sealing rings, pads and liners.

4. Combined use of EVEREN CM with other rubbers.
Like EPDM, NBR and BR will not only reduce production cost, but compensate performance deficiencies of other compounds.

5. Application in Magnetic Materials.
EVEREN CM has very high filling capacity for ferrite magnetic powders. Magnetic rubber products produced from EVEREN CM has superior low temperature performances and is widely used in application like refrigerator sealing strips and magnetic cards. Magnetic components used in electromechanical products can also be made from EVEREN CM by using its thermal resistance.